Content / Outlines
  1. Selecting Tools
  2. Working with comments
  3. Navigating a PDF
  1. Navigating task pane
  2. Navigation panels
  1. Navigation panels
  2. Navigation panels

Selecting Tools

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1Hand ToolHH
2Temporarily select Hand toolSpace-barSpace-bar
3Select toolVV
4 Marquee Zoom toolzz
5Cycle through zoom tools: Marquee Zoom, Dynamic Zoom, LopeShift+ZShift+Z
6Temporarily select Dynamic Zoom tool(when Marquee Zoom tool is selected)ShiftShift
7 Temporarily Zoom out(when Marquee Zoom tool is selected)CtrlOption
8Temporarily select Zoom in toolCtrl+space-barSpace-bar+Command
9Select Object toolRR
10 Edit Object toolOO
11Enter/Exit Forms editingAA
12 Crop toolCC
13 Link toolLL
14 Text Field toolFF
15 Cycle through tools in forms authoring mode: Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, List Box, Drop-down Box, Button, Digital Signature, Bar-code.Shift+FShift+F
163D toolMM
17 Cycle through Multimedia tools: 3D object, SWF, Sound, VideoShift+MShift+M
18Edit Document Text toolTT
19 RedactionShift+YShift+Y
20 Cycle through Touch Up tools: Touch Up Text, Touch Up Reading Order, Touch up Object.Shift+TShift+T
21 JavaScript DebuggerCtrl+JCommand+J
22 Insert Blank Pages toolShift+Ctrl+TShift+Command+T
23 Insert FilesCtrl+Shift+iShift+Command+i
24 Delete pages Ctrl+Shift+D Shift+Command+D
25Open Output Preview - -
26Touch Up Reading Order tool(or if already selected, return focus to dialog box) Shift+Ctrl+U Shift+Command+U

Working with comments

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1Sticky Note toolSS
2Text Edits toolEE
3Stamp toolKK
4Current highlighting toolUU
5Cycle through highlighting tools:Highlighter, Underline Text, Text Cross Out TextShift+UShift+U
6Current drawing markup toolDD
7Cycle through drawing markup tools: Cloud, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Oval.Shift+DShift+D
8Cloud toolQQ
9Text Box toolXX
10Current Stamp or Attach toolJJ
11Cycle through Stamp, Attach File, Record Audio CommentShift+JShift+J
12Move focus to next comment or form fieldTabTab
13Move focus to previous comment or form fieldShift+TabShift+Tab
14Open pop-up note (or text field in Comments List) for comment that has focusEnterEnter
15Close pop-up (or text field in Comments List) for comment that has focusESCESC

Navigating a PDF

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1 Previous screen Page Up or Shift+Enter Page Up or Shift+Enter
2 Next screen Page Down or Enter Page Down or Enter
3 First PageHome or Shift+Ctrl+Page Up of Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow Home or Shift+Command+Up Arrow
4 Last Page End or Shift+Ctrl+Page Down or Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow End or Shift+Command+Down Arrow
5 Previous page Left Arrow or Ctrl+Page Up Left Arrow or Command+Page Up
6 Next page Right arrow or Ctrl+Page Down Right arrow or Command+Page Down
7 Previous open document Ctrl+F6(UNIX) Command+F6
8Next Open document Shift+Ctrl+F6(UNIX Shift+Command+F6
9Scroll up Up Arrow Up Arrow
10Scroll down Down Arrow Down Arrow
11Scroll (when Hand tools is selected) Space-bar Space-bar
12Zoom in Ctrl+equal sign Command+equal sign
13Zoom out Ctrl+hyphen Command+hyphen

Navigating task pane

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1Move focus to the next or previous row when in the body of the file list on the leftUp Arrow or Down ArrowUp Arrow or Down Arrow
2if pressed in the body of the file list, navigate one level up from within a folderBackspaceDelete
3Press the Go Back in a folder if focus is on the button.Enter or Space-barEnter or Space-bar
4If press when focus is on a row in the file list representing a sub-folder, navigate to a sub-folder, or open an attachment in Preview mode. EnterEnter
5If in the body of the file list, move to the first or last rowHome or EndHome or End
6If in the body of the file list, move to the next or last set of rows to fit the screen.Page Down or Page UpPage Down or Page Up
7Select or deselected all filesCtrl+A, Shift+Ctrl+ACommand+A, Shift+Command+A
8If in the body of the file list, extend the selection by adding the next row above or below the selected row.Shift+Up Arrow or Shift+Down ArrowShift+Up Arrow or Shift+Down Arrow
9Change weather the row with focus is in the selectionCtrl+Space-barCommand+Space-bar
10Move focus up or down one row without changing the selectionCtrl+Up Arrow or Ctrl+Down ArrowCommand+Up Arrow or Command+Down Arrow

Navigation panels

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1 Open and move focus to navigation pane Ctrl+Shift+F5 Command+Shift+F5
2 Move focus among the document, message bar, and navigation panels F6 F6
3Move focus to previous pane or panel Shift+F6 Shift+F6
4Move among the elements of the active navigation panel Tab Tab
5 Move to previous or next navigation panel and make it active(when focus is on the panel button) Up Arrow or Down Arrow Up Arrow or Down Arrow
6Move to next navigation panel and make it active (when focus is anywhere in the navigation pane) Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab
7Expand the current bookmark (focus on Bookmarks panel)Right Arrow or Shift+Plus sign Right Arrow or Shift+Plus sign
8 Collapse the current bookmark (focus on Bookmark panel) Left Arrow or minus sign Left Arrow or minus sign
9Expand all bookmarks Shift+* Shift+*
10Collapse selected bookmark Forward Slash(/) Forward Slash(/)
11Move focus to next item in a navigation panel Down Arrow Down Arrow
12Move focus to previous item in a navigation panel Up Arrow Up Arrow

Navigation panels

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1Open Help window F1 F1 or Command+?
2 Close Help window Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 Command+W
3 Move back to previously open topic Alt+Left Arrow Command+Left Arrow
4 Move forward to next topic Alt+Right Arrow Command+Right Arrow
5 Move to next pane Ctrl+Tab See help for your default browser
6Move to previous pane Shift+Ctrl+Tab See help for your default browser
7Move focus to the next link within a pane Tab Not Available
8 Move focus to the previous link within a pane Shift+Tab Not Available
9 Activate highlighted link Enter Not Available
10Print Help Topic Ctrl+P Command+P

Navigation panels

No.DescriptionWindowsMac OS
1Change reading settings for the current document Shift+Ctrl+5 Shift+Command+5
2 Re-flow a tagged PDF, and return to underflowed view Ctrl+4 Command+4
3 Activate and deactivate Read Out Loud Shift+Ctrl+Y Shift+Command+Y
4 Read only the current page Out Loud Shift+Ctrl+V Shift+Command+V
5 Read out loud from the current page to the end of the document Shift+Ctrl+B Shift+Command+B
6Pause reading out loud Shift+Ctrl+C Shift+Command+C
7Stop reading out loudShift+Ctrl+E Shift+Command+E