Table Content
  1. Keys for Playing and zooming audio
  2. Keys for editing audio files
  1. Keys for mixing multitrack sessions
  1. Other popular Audition

Keys for Playing and zooming audio

No.DiscriptionWindowsMac OS
1 Toggle between Waveform and Multitrack Editor B B
2 Start and Stop playbackSpacebar Spacebar
3Move current-time indicator to beginning of timeline Home Home
4 Move current-time indicator to end of timeline End End
5 Move current-time indicator to previous marker, clip, or selection edge Ctrl+Left Arrow Cmd+Left Arrow
6Move current-time indicator to next marker, clip, or selection edge Ctrl+Right Arrow Cmd+Right Arrow
7 Toggle preference for Return CTI to Start Position on Stop Shift+X Shift+X
8Zoom in horizontally = =
9 Zoom in vertically Alt++ Opt++
10 Zoom out horizontally - -
11 Zoom out vertically Alt+-(Minus Sign) Opt+-(Minus Sign)
12 Add marker M or * (asterisk) M or * (asterisk)
13 Mover to previous marker Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Cmd+Opt+Left Arrow
14 Move to next marker Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Cmd+Opt+Right Arrow
15 Zoom Reset \ \

Keys for editing audio files

No.DiscriptionWindowsMac OS
1 Repeat previous command (opening its dialog box and click ok) Shift+R Shortcut key
2 Repeat previous command (opening its dialog box but not click ok) Ctrl+RShift+R
3Open Convert Sample Type dialog box Shift+T Shift+T
4 Capture a nose reduction profile for the Noise REduction effect Shift+P Shift+P
5 Activate left channel of a stereo file for editing Up Arrow Up Arrow
6Active right channel of a stereo file for editing Down Arrow Down Arrow
7 Make spectral display more logarithmic or linear Ctrl+Alt+Up or Down Arrow Cmd+Opt+Up or Down Arrow
8Make spectral display fully logarithmic or linear Ctrl+Alt+Page Up or Down Cmd+Opt+Page Up or Down
9 Increase or decrease spectral resolution Shift+Ctrl+Up or Down Arrow Shift+Cmd+Up or Down Arrow

Keys for mixing multitrack sessions

No.DiscriptionWindowsMac OS
1 Select the same input or output for all audio tracks Ctrl+Shift+Select Cmd+Shift+Select
2 Active or deactive Mute, Solo, Am for Record, or Monitor Input in all tracks Ctrl+Shift-Click Cmd+Shift-Click
3Adjust knobs in large increments Shift-drag Shift-drag
4 Adjust knobs in small increments Ctrl-drag Cmd-drag
5 Nudge selected clip to the left Alt+Comma Opt+Comma
6Nudge selected clip to the right Alt+Period Opt+Period
7 Maintain keyframe time position or parameter value Shift-drag Shift-drag
8Preposition envelope segment without creating keyframe Ctrl-drag Cmd-drag

Other popular Audition

No.DiscriptionWindowsMac OS
1 Clip gain Ctrl+G Cmd+G
2 Split Ctrl+K Cmd+K
3Delete selected marker Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
4 Select all Ctrl+A Cmd+A
5 Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Cmd+Shift+A
6Time selection in all tracks Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Cmd+Shift+Backspace
7 Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
8Edit Orignal Ctrl+Shift+K Cmd+Shift+K
9 Move ctl to previous Ctrl+Left Arrow Cmd+Left Arrow
10 Repeat last command Ctrl+R Cmd+R
11 Move ctl to next Ctrl+Right Arrow Cmd+Right Arrow
12 Crop Ctrl+T Cmd+T
13PAste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
14 Mix paste Ctrl+Shift+V Cmd+Shift+V
15 Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
16Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
17 Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z Cmd+Shift+Z
18Add more recent effect to track Ctrl+Shift+E Cmd+Shift+E
19 nudge right Alt+Comma Opt+Comma
20 Nudge right Alt+Semicolon Atl+Cmd+0
21 Delete all marker Atl+Ctrl+0 Atl+Cmd+0
22 Time selection in selected clips Alt+Backspace Opt+Backspace
23Copy to new Alt+Shift+C Opt+Shift+C
24 Paste to new Alt+Shift+C Opt+Shift+C
25 Keyboard shortcuts Alt+K Opt+K
26Rename selected marker / /
27 Spot healing brush B B
28Lasso selection tool D D
29 Delete Delete Delete
30 Marquee selection tool E E
31 Clear time selection Escape Escape
32 Paintbrush selection tool P P
33Razor tool R R
34 Snapping enable S S
35 Move tool V V
36Slip tool Y Y
37 Select frequency selection tool F F
38Select lasso tool G G
39 Expand editior panel to fill application window. Grave Accent Grave Accent
40 insert Marker M M
41 Select rectangular marquee tool RR